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While on the range I get asked regularly how to DRAW the ball with a right to left shape or FADE the ball with a left to right shape which is a lot simpler than some people think it is.

If for example you are trying to hit a draw moving the ball right to left, position your body alignment (shoulders-hips-feet)  slightly right of the target with the clubface aiming at your intended target, you will then notice your body will feel slightly closed in relation to your clubface, if you then make a normal swing, the path of the club will naturally create a right to left ball flight.

To hit a fade left to right ball flight reverse the process aiming the body slightly left of the target with the clubface aiming at your intended target.

Hopefully these few points will help you to shape the ball around the course better.

Jeremy Nicholls

Jeremy Nicholls

Ledene Golf Centre - PGA Golf Pro

Jeremy Nicholls joined Ledene Golf Centre in 2004 and is a fully qualified class AA PGA professional. Jeremy is a highly respected and experienced coach having taught extensively throughout the West Midlands. Jeremy uses a modern and flexible strategy suitable for all golfers of all abilities.