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Here are a few points to consider when using your driver on the golf course.

  • The correct tee height is vital to achieve consistency off the tee when you are using your driver.
  • With a driver you are looking to strike the ball on an upward swing, ( this is when the club reaches the bottom of the swing arc)
  • As well as teeing the ball up, ensure the ball is forward in your stance ( inside of left heel).
  • At impact the ball should make contact with the driver just slightly above the middle of the club face, this will reduce spin especially into a headwind and help the ball to launch onto its correct ball flight.¬†
  • If the ball is placed on a tee too low it will cause you to create too much of a descending angle (steep) of attack into the ball.
  • A further point to remember is to make sure your posture remains the same from the address position right through to impact.
Jeremy Nicholls

Jeremy Nicholls

Ledene Golf Centre - PGA Golf Pro

Jeremy Nicholls joined Ledene Golf Centre in 2004 and is a fully qualified class AA PGA professional. Jeremy is a highly respected and experienced coach having taught extensively throughout the West Midlands. Jeremy uses a modern and flexible strategy suitable for all golfers of all abilities.