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One of the key aspects in the set up of a golf swing  is the positioning of your body alignment (shoulders hips and feet).  It is important that the alignment is  always parallel to your intended target.

A good way of checking this is to put a club down on the floor in line with your target or purchase some alignment sticks which are very popular with the professionals on various tours.  If for example you have developed a slice in your swing,  by aiming the body left of your intended target all you are doing is  exaggerating the fault in your swing. The alignment of your body must always be parallel to your intended target.  Hopefully this information will help you to deliver the club on the correct swing path in to the ball.


Jeremy Nicholls

Jeremy Nicholls

Ledene Golf Centre - PGA Golf Pro

Jeremy Nicholls joined Ledene Golf Centre in 2004 and is a fully qualified class AA PGA professional. Jeremy is a highly respected and experienced coach having taught extensively throughout the West Midlands. Jeremy uses a modern and flexible strategy suitable for all golfers of all abilities.