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Not always will your game go according to plan from tee to green, so sharpening your short game can be a particular asset in maintaining a respectable score. This month we will look at the chip and run shot, which you can execute  around the green, especially from the fringe of the green or when the green has undulating slopes on it.


  1. Try to visualise the shot in your mind, a good rule is to look to carry the ball a third of the way to the hole and let it roll the remaining two-thirds to the hole. (Remember the idea of this shot is less air time but more time the ball will travel along the  ground) 
  2. You can use a variation of clubs for this shot (from a 7-8-9 iron to a pitching wedge), make sure the stance is narrow with the ball positioned towards the back of the stance and the knees are in a flexed position, the weight of the body and the shaft of the golf club are  leaning slightly to the left with your arms hanging down from your shoulders. Adopt the stroke you would use with a putter, take the club back with the stroke being controlled by the shoulders and arms.
  3. A poorly hit chip and run shot will have a less disastrous effect than a poor pitch shot with your lob wedge.